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Vetiver Pure Essential Oil – 10ml


Vetiver Pure Essential Oil – 10ml l

Vetiver oil is extracted from Vetiveria zizanoides (also known as Andropogon muricatus)

Vetiver oil is from an aromatic grass with a grounding, earthy-smokey scent often employed as a fixative in oriental-type perfumes and as a natural fragrance ingredient in soaps.

The oil is steam distilled from the roots and rootlets after it is washed, chopped, dried, and soaked, to obtain the dark brown, deep smoky, earthy-woody essence.

It is considered relaxing to an overheated, hyperactive mind an nurturing to an insecure self-identity. It revitalizes the body and helps with mental and physical exhaustion and is also used for general aches and pains, especially for rheumatism, arthritis and muscular pain, while relieving insomnia.

Extraction: It is extracted from the washed, chopped, dried and soaked roots and rootlets by steam distillation and yields about 0.5%.

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